How Do I Get It

If your business plan is one of five to seven pages long, your chances of getting it approved, never mind read, are dramatically lower than those business plans with a shorter length. daunting to think ‘how do I get it done’ or even ‘what do I put in it’ – well I’ve got simple business plan outlines and materials you can download to assist in writing a plan and getting beyond the ‘how do I get it’elllll’ bit

Writing the business plan

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Having a plan for your business can give you a more focused and planned approach to your business. It can inspire you to work on your business and prepare you for the obstacles you may face as you start and grow your business. It’s easy to loose focus and overlook important things if you’re not prepared to plan for the unexpected issues that can crop up as you go along and the approaches that you would need to take in order to have a clear productive future ahead of your business. Having a plan in place can keep your business head above water – and sometimes others can be looking over your shoulder – particularly in this highly competitive business world. Once a plan is written it can be quite a useful tool, as you prepare to offload it for a second set of eyes to take a fresh look at.

You can also use your plan as a management tool by referring to it when things get off track and help to find solutions for problems. It can also be a springboard for more ideas if you target the plan as a management tool. If it’s multi-page, consider creating a summary at the front and the other pages as lists.

Product and/or service descriptions

This is the text that describes your product or service without separating it subheadings. This may sound like your written presentation, but is not. It’s a description of your product or service after it has been live or at least as a draft. For example, avoiding ‘US’, ‘Canada’, ‘World’ or ‘Joint Ventures and Alliances’ as words used in the product and/or service description.

Professional picture or Illustration

You may be using a paid photograph of your product or service to demonstrate how it works, to showcase your process steps etc. Making the image a photo also brand you as a credible and professional company. It will, keep your audience engaged and your target audience focused on your business’ message.

Your company ‘s logo

Having your logo on your proposal is somewhat pointless as it can be viewed as a cover sheet. But having it in the upper left hand corner works well for emphasizing certain aspects of your business.

Product and/or service descriptions

However you are separating your description/sales by selling on presentation, avoid including descriptions that are not quantifiable (hourly rate, number of hours, pull-out quote) or that are self serving (business hours or experience required). Tell them what you want them to do, but also don’t assume that they need to draw a mental picture or link your services to current needs.

Your service offerings and descriptions, including pricing and payment terms

Product and/or service descriptions and descriptions

These are prime opportunities to provide information for current and prospective customers, as well as prospective customers. Remember to include some details of your services at the left and the bottom of your business plan to encourage the reader to use the short term as a guide and also let the longer term information reside at the end of your business plan.lementing your description and features of your services with the products, services or business environment well worked out price lead each page of your business plan; allowing me is a bonus.

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