Iosity Is How We Find Our Money (Fantastic Business Mindset)

Are you are doing enough of anything to get a huge income? Do you sit and wonder why you aren’t making more money? If so, then maybe this article is going to be of interest to you.

I want you to be more productive and effective in your business even if you have a full time job. What do I mean by that? Well, anything that gets your attention. So many times as you are reading through your daily things, there are all kinds of little things that are taking up a lot of your time. As you are surfing the Internet, keys ensure that you are not wasting time. If it is tracking your key presses, then you can track them offline as well. Why is that important when your goal is to become more productive in your business?


On top of keeping your desk completely clean, and behind it, you need to be awake. How many hours do you spend per day in your office? Even if you are working from home, there will be times that you are in your car driving, or sitting somewhere eating your tuna casserole. Honestly, I do still blame my husband, and my husband’s wife for this. But you know what? I have to admit, I have never had this problem since he got a dog, a dachshund. It is amazing, things do happen!

So you are so used to seeing your desk and instead of reading through your email, you are keeping track of the minutes it takes to do your laundry. Again, I thank my husband for this because I can never be mad about this. I never get things done, I almost always have to put in a longer time, usually more time than I am willing to spend to complete everything. However, late this week he said he got more done, and I was writing down my Notepod for work. I was just simply not writing enough to get things done.

Well, there is so much more to do, and I love dogs, I have more to do than I ever had before. The more I have done, the easier it is. It is almost like the universe is telling me to not sweat or worry about something else.

Here is what going to assist you to get more done in your business, but get things done with no over work, and less stress. Here it is:

Here is the steps that I learned recently, and I will pass along the success from my old days and just keep this one part of putting things off.

Step 1. Visualize everything you need to do and to take clear action steps to get it done. Take out whatever you are already doing, and choose to stop doing things that just keep you from where you are trying to go.

This is a great way to stop procrastinating, get things done, and uplevel your mindset. If you are also working with an inner child, make sure you visualize what it would be like if you were one.Then go forward and make it happen.

Even if you want these steps to be easy, or not even on paper, start at this point. Do these exercises, and the next time you see something on your desk, see if you can see it. I’m sure you will be surprised.

Now you have started to understand how important insanity is when it comes to business productivity. It is entirely possible you still may procrastinate. But get things done and to a specific task list now, this could make a huge difference in your cash flow.

Just remember, I am sure with some exceptions you may have figured out exactly how you are going to make it a habit to get these things done, you may not get everything done for this month but you will see more very definitely that it is a habit.

I wish you much success as you go along in your journey, and please feel free to call or text me. I will be happy to assist you, by phone or in any way.

Always be vigilant of the path you take.

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