A Business Development Sales Professional

Does it make more sense just to cold call? Yes. And sometimes, the unpredictable happens. Someone you have never met may get back to you with a referral or present opportunity. That’s hardly a surprise and certainly provides you with some relief.

But the question always comes up “if the mistake was made in trying to solve a problem, what is that saying about you and your company?” The answer then is that you have put in time and effort to address this problem. So this is an opportunity to take things in a new direction and to step out in a stretch of growing uniqueness.

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Whether you have decided to be a business development sales professional or whether you have decided to be a business developer, there are a lot of different distractions. A lot of proactive work, from personal and professional growth to leveraging insurance quotes and expert advice to qualifying and funding process management. Justifying these things on a justified price and analytics of the opportunity, however too much can be a time waster.

Working through proposals and quotes, followed up with more time working “on the books” with a particular opportunity can be a time waster. There may be a need to lift or enable individual steps in order to gain momentum quickly. All of these may cause a potential deal to “deteriorate” so that is a signal you need to review ownership or adjustments.

When you have a clearer picture of the relationship between a trusted person with the company and your company and your products and services you have a better handle on the direction and questions in which to move forward.

If however, you do not still have a trusted relationship with either the company or the trusted individual, it is time to move on. You must have new respect and trust for what is being offered, along with confidence in the quality of the system.

As a business development professional, you need to get out there and find qualified opportunities, while at the same time proving your value in a new way. So work on developing and using an old tried-and-true approach to search for the right opportunities and take on the responsibility of facilitating the deal.

As you get your foot in the door and trust is established, it will be a smooth transition. And you will find it easier to manage yourStay Engaged stunning PLancies 12 steps.

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Prospect or referral?

(a) How important is a referral to you?

(b) Do you appreciate the value provided by a referral?

(c) From a professional’s perspective, what more could you provide to ensure the decision is made in your favor?

(4) What about a referral to your mate?

(4) Have you ever knew someone who you would not refer to that person?

If your friend has said, “I think I should have worked with you sooner, but I know you are too busy,” you have a chance to return the compliment and strengthen this relationship by ringing them again by referring them to someone you know/like them and most likely get them to recognize a need in your area while you are working the sale. You will learn that you are working for yourself, and that you can be a Properties Manager working for a budget WModule wit===also bring themload of additional business.

(6) Have you ever worked in a situation where you ultimately rejected a deal that the other person said that they had no other alternatives, or you did not get the deal?

(6) Would you say that you thrive on rejection and change?

(7) If you did/do not get the deal, what would you change next time to try and get that deal?

(7) If you were to go back to that prior situation right now…what would you change?

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