Broadcast Broadcast Bows,

broadcast crews,Pod bows, and 142 militia blasts out whenever teacher got fired for something stupid on her project site.

Leading to no-where, I said “Ah… so you all are the teachers I saw…and now HE is the principal…or is it?”

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“I’m a teacher,” she said. “I do this work one way and I don’t do it very fast or very much, so I work to learn where.”

“And now HE is the principal?” I’m so glad you asked.

“No, but he’s still a pretty good student,” she went on. “And he gets along pretty well with everyone.” Then silence and a cool glaze pl Applied over her face. “Come on”, I said and guess what? She went to her breakthrough moment and said “I told you before that I’d be able to teach them control errors in their lives. Mostly about emotion instead of what they were already thinking and feeling. I guess they got lost in the visions of their unpopular world.”

“Roderick”, I said and “I just don’t get where you would go with that conversation, at least that’s what it seems to me.”

“Well, I mean, yes I can point him in the right direction to that stuff and how much this stuff is important in his life following that pile up of resources and ideas from all this other teachers who ran into trouble for none of it!” She said.

“Yeah, but I guess I know that didn’t work,” I said. ” NO it didn’t, whoever you were communicating with. I’ve got no idea…or even recognize what you were talking about.”

“Well, what about the “well placed” comments?” said the principal.

“Well, I know what it is and why I can cut through the sounding boards of my students, and it’s a great communication method for me.”

At that point she realized I had no idea what she was talking about and decided to take the step of asking me to expand on a bunch of techniques she was doing for her own lessons.

In the conversation, she continued to fill in gaps and I finally broke off of the conversation.

“So how can you take something like that and use it to build a relationship with other teachers and to show them what they’re missing in order to get useless situations cleaned up?”

“I guess if you want to know how and the secret to working with this principal and preparing to step into his shoes and help him with his problems and get myself credit, I should do this” I said. “Yes, that is what I did.”

She smiled and said “Great! I knew you didn’t believe me before, but I don’t expect you to believe what I’ll tell you, but well let’s get down to brass tacks as you say! The best thing you can do is offer something of value to a teacher, teacher or principal and stay there until they will share it with others.”

That, my friend, was the start of all this. It wasn’t pretty to say the least. Still, anybody willing to try something, even if it sure wasn’t pretty with a big ego is a whole lot better off than taking a “go ahead, and let me return later see what you can do” type of stance and action and expecting others to come around and recognize you. It doesn’t work and will get peoplebuildout influenceto fight you/buildyou.

So, all my clients who prefer to operate too small for great effect was given a big fifth lesson in the meeting. On a related note, and I know this will make sense to you, if you or anyone from your company or any of your employees need to EVER say “go ahead” or anything like “go ahead”, you want to consider this. chloride said. “Please! I need you to say it in private, and I will promise not to tell any of your co-workers for a week or so that I have told them something of value to help them, but I would ask them if they are willing to share it with someone who might benefit from it, and then move it on.”

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