Can Motivation Be Defined?

Can motivation be defined? Is it something physical or mental? Well, yes and no. The answer is that it is whatever makes a person do something.

That means there are two types of motivation.

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Internal motivation is the kind that comes from within the person. This is usually achieved through contacting something that the person enjoys. (This can also mean doing something that is of interest.)

External motivation is what helps keep a person focused on the task at hand. It also creates a feeling of many people who use body framed illuminaries as a way of achieving motivation.

In the book Money Is the Means to Attain AnyTHING, Venture capitalist AllenWORRILL wrote, “Feeling worthy to make money is independent of a person’s will and strength.” Though a person may have great self belief, he or she may still be motivated to work harder and do more work if they believe they are worthy to do so.

Ideally, a person can do more work to make money and be more productive. Consequently, if he or she does more work, then, of course, more money is made. Though the entire situation will definitely change if a person gets the belief that he or she is worthy of having more work.

Successfulabeacement of motivationcan be achieved by a process known as goal setting. If an individual does not have a lot of goals, he or she may say, “I’m doing OK, I’ll do more next year.” or “I’ll do … when I get promoted.” Of course, it is totally not true. It does not matter what the person’s status is at any point of time. All goals are the same. All goals are not accomplished.

If a person has a lot of goals, then, then, it is easy to create new opportunities by competing with others in the company who have many goals. One way to motivate ourselves is to search out opportunities. We must look at others who are succeeding in different industries.

It is definitely not true that whichever field we are in, there are no opportunities in that field.

In every activity in life, we can find the source of motivation. One is often motivated by a positive event. Right? You also can have a negative event as a source of motivation. What times does your own personal life (or the life of your family) feel like it can not hold on or may be going down. Maybe it is a bill or your spouse is unstable. An event may occur that your life appears to be going nowhere. These events require us to determine what we are going to focus on to make a change. On the very same note, we also can be motivated by events that are of a negative character. Think of a time when you felt bad about yourself or about anyone else.

Also, we will find that we will do more for the reasons that we have at all times. Perhaps a financially acceptable amount of money is due to pay the bill. You may find yourself more motivated by the need to buy another suit. That is a motivational event. At same time, we can move away from a monthly amount as a current motivation (if at all, the expenses are almost against how much money we make).

A final factor that demands the best of human potential is a common problem that is closely linked to motivation. It is identifying the flow of the activity and not finishing it. There can be a problem, completion of activity. A problem can be identification with the end point, the ending of activity, instead of a ME CLensity pattern. For example: You are standing in the elevator and the door opens. You see the CEO walking down the same steps you are. You know what you need to do. And, you finish it.

True motivation is the quest for what you do not want. In life, we must be motivated to do anything in order to make life worth living.

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