Create Small Ads, Big Returns

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Internet advertising has brought in so much money for advertisers through the Internet. Using the profit making power of the Internet, advertisements have become so much cheaper (tens of thousands of dollars cheaper) and the internet is a global community and so easy and accessible by so many individuals.

When studying the success of big companies at keeping their dominance in business, many refer back to the way that Bill Gates did it. It may have started with the original windows program, causing Microsoft to become the dominant story in the business world. Other than that, it was called dialing for dollars while the later version of dialing for dollars or cold calling, initiated by John rice, triggered that phones were now a great business to be in.

So is this is how the world works or what are methods necessary to introduce a new product to consumers? Ah, both, I mean it so.

Have you yet to hear about how many commercials you find on a commercial television station? It’s thousands. Okay, let us say there are a couple of advertisements out there. On the one hand we have the big ones with huge budgets like McDonalds, Coca Cola, etc. Good because most people don’t normally use those products so when they see a commercial, they think it is some product/supplier that they want to buy.

On the other hand, we have small companies who are either selling an information product or other information product, trying to advertise these kinds of products. And on the other hand are those companies trying to promote a service or another product. Some are missing the mark by a long way by not advertising at all

Now these small ads can do trick people to go to their website. If just a small ad is prepared using and appealing headline, then you them or their site address with a call to action and an auto responder at the end of the ad so that those people who respond become a client or customer, then you need to learn how to do it properly with a marketing system to turn those who respond into some profit.

So you need to know which services to execute the campaign, in order to not get your campaign running it just up and then watch the money run out.

There are also many ways of advertising to start to create a campaign for you. I have used several services to create advertising campaigns. I specialised in putting ads together for local businesses. I would always rather put the ad together for them as they know more about where to go and know where to spend their money. Also they like to give me reviews due to my great service.

I also have been to trade shows, events, practice business out of my home and of course the web as it is all electronic. These methods of advertising are then able to do that to the clients ( chase them down) rather than spending money on the phone bill to personally contact them.

The good dirty secret is to find people who already have a client or customer with a website. Once you find that person, send them to a free report which is on your website and have them sign up for your email list.

Another secret is to have a good tool, which can set up a campaign for you. There are many on the market. However without a good system, it would be easy for you to check the website of your prospect and let them know more about your service as an added benefit.

So how are you gonna remember all this? It’s simple. A spreadsheet, a Program or notebook to store all your contact information, a niche database where you keep all your clients and customers information, and of course creating you campaigns to make them more money.

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