Creating High-Quality Brochures That Get The Inside Word

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A professional brochure can go a long way towards getting your business noticed. Without your potential customer being able to find out all about your company, your services or even your plans, your plan to gain new customers won’t go anywhere.

The truth is, most companies don’t pay a lot of attention when it comes to their brochure printing. Most end up producing standard brochure prints that are easy to throw together, but don’t come out looking professional. This is especially true if you can’t afford to have a professional design service take a look at your project.

If you’re looking for a way to ensure that your flyer marketing or marketing brochure is as effective as possible, these five tips may help you along the way.

Tip #1: Make Sure Your Logo matches the rest of the brochure

It’s easy for your logo to get lost in the other design elements when yourbrochure printingis done with just one color or black and white printing. Make sure that your logo is as prominent as possible and continues throughout the entirety of the printing process.

Tip #2: If this is subtle, make a label

If you lack the largest image on your brochure, you may not want to worry about having a label on the rear or cover of your brochures. This is obviously more appropriate for a business card or flyer intended to be given out over the counter or in a business’s lobby.

The truth is, the best of a small image you can make with your logo and text is a single identifiable line at the top and bottom of your brochure. It will be well worth it to make this sort of decision if you have that stretchy corporate header in your brochure.

Tip #3: Incorporate the word “Call Today”

This is a place where things can go off-track, but it can also be a very effective technique. Although you may not want it to, a phone number is a great way to acquire more interested prospective clients or customers. Let them know exactly what to expect when they receive the combination for your great offer.

For example, letting them know that if they don’t call in the specified time that they’ll receive a free promotional product or a discount coupon. This “call today response” marketing tool can be the key to turning in-need leads into paying customers and keep them coming back for more.

Tip #4: Families love coupons

When your clients can see that discounts are given to families, generally it will be a resounding success. As long as the discounts are relevant to their family, they’ll always love it.

Although this might be a kinder and gentler way to market an offer, it will work much better for you than a subtle manip inquiry like, “Call here today and get our % off,” or “Call here today and save a % off.” This method is usually the one used by an emotion- illusion marketing firm to kill your competition’s marketing.

Tip #5: Use Home pages for promotions

If your existing marketing collateral is produced in just one-color printing, then you’ll probably want to order all the colors in one-color printed brochures for maximum effect and versatility. This will allow you to create a call to action all over the front of the brochure, offering discounts, coupons, or additional promotions for instant purchase.

If it’s black and white, you could possibly use a double-page product brochure if the primary copy on the brochure or product is more than two-color.

The truth is, a nice brochure design can go a long way by leading potential customers into the right purchasing mode, be it in a face-to-face meeting, over the phone or even mailed to a prospective customer without you having to explain every detail of what it is your business can do for them. As long as you invest in the professional services of a design company, brochure printing can be made to look great and work better for you.

Establishing a website for your business is great. Depending on the type of business you’ve got going, that can be fine. But for the most success with your marketing campaign, you need to make sure you invest in some branded and professional brochure prints to make a lasting impression on your potential customers.

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