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One of the biggest complaints that I hear over and over again from customers is that they simply go into a store and have to wait a long time to find what they need. They go into a store and there are 30 or 40 employees within a one mile radius, yet they are still put on the back burner. Why would this be when every store should have one or if not all of the employees available at all times? Acknowledging a customer’s verbal response not just the written word

The other way to answer the question is that; yes, they do put customers into line to talk to a manager when they can not find what they want. It is much easier for a staff member to put a manager notified right away than it is for one to spend a few minutes to research and find the item. Most of the time, I am not talking about a sale site, but a store that internet that is looking to drive traffic into their designated niche. Let’s look at how to manage your employees focus on customer service.

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When a customer calls the help line, you are the one on the spot. Whatever is on the mind of the customer will be on that person’s mind the moment that they pick up the phone. Unless you have the people in place in the area to take the customers order, there will be that customer service button that you will have to press if you want customer service that reflects what the customers want and need to have.

Make a list of the products that you currently carry and ask your employees to help out the customers, if they have any to give away. The best way to infinitely go beyond what the customers want and serve the customers better is to try your employees out to see how they handle the customer. This is how you are going to know if they are capable of customer service.

I can tell you for a fact, a good employee is going to take pride in their job. They are going to be happy to think of them when they answer a phone and to give them the orders. I have been in stores where the employees have obviously done their job, but I have seen these employees come to work and not care. This is especially true if the customer did not have a problem, because if the employee does not care, are they going to care about getting the order right the first time?

By making sure that your employees are happy and put the customer first, the customer will be drooling to spend money, especially if they are not always getting it. Something as simple as a smile or a quick greeting can go a long way. I stop by this morning for a little cake. When I went in, the cake was not done, it had been covered with frosting and was already darkness. This made the cake very good.

There is obviously more to customers service that smiling back at the customer. You must make sure that every single pick up truck is clean and well maintained, has the proper company radios if you sell aftermarket products, has screen doors and air conditioning, has got a truck loaded with extra entrees, etc. The list is endless.

If you do nothing else after this article and evaluate your own service, I bet you that you will be on the top of your customer service list the next time a good opportunity comes around to assist a customer.

It is encouraging to know that everyone can do the best opportunity to help a customer and that even though a customer may be hard to understand; a smile and a friendly remark will come back to you ten-fold, ten-fold.

I would like to sincerely thank you for reading this article.

As a manager, I would love to hear from the readers of this article if they have come across the article and would like to share your comments below.

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