Easy Ways To Save Your Company Precious Cash

When times are tight, many small business owners are motivated to cut costs and save their businesses money that would be reassurance for the future. There are many ways you can save money as a small business owner, yet many of them are not common knowledge. Here are some of the ways you can reduce or eliminate some of those costs from your company.

It is not uncommon to not only see some of the above companies operating but also still being heavily utilized and supported by a large company. With some great visionaries and electronic officer management systems, these successful businesses were able to not only survive but thrive during these hard economic times.

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Maintaining separate email accounts for the business and personal use.

Utilize one credit card which is utilized for at least 5 years, the minimum amount a business must have is that $2,000 to keep their finances separate from the business credit card(s).

Eliminate monthly electric and water bills.

Reconsider paying a small percentage of your water/electric bills to a utility company.

Eliminate subscriptions for Internet, cable, phone, and wireless devices (cable for phones is the limiting limit) – By no longer paying that monthly/quarterly/yearly fee, and those same fees are generally applied to the cell phones that your employees use (Example: All the companyNews connected devices are paid one rate).

Utilize SharePoint in your company to save your money. It was developed to save and manage people. To do this, you will have to adapt and update your business processes or move forward knowing less and less about how technology is changing the way you manage. Systems that are built to save you money and manage your employees effectively at sites like SharePoint can save you up to 40% or more of your total cost of ownership.

Eliminate the need for office furniture repair. Often it is as dangerous as purchasing new furniture and after a couple of years, can be a major expense. Outsourcing and leasing is often the solution.

Move to cloud based services instead of some desktop-based solutions that lock you into a monthly fee and service agreement.

Reduce paper by using electronic forms and documents to reduce lots of paper. (The same documents you send to your customers, client, management etc. can also go from your desktop to a server in a cloud that is back-office compatible). A whiteboard is a traditional tool and can be expensive. However you obtain it on cloud-based services (example SharePoint). If you don’t see a need for it, consider one, have a whiteboard, and fire the bookkeeper or marketing manager.

Stop working on an old e-mail client.There are new 3rd party (free) e-mail clients that are multi-platform and secure. We just fired ourselves and moved to one, and you can.

Emailing is still a VERY popular means of communications, however a CRM system with mail distribution is a better fit and more flexible than keeping several copies of an Outlook or ACT mailbox on multiple servers or you can import to your CRM system immediately as you receive new mail.

Eliminate grap naming errors. athlet rivalry of the compiled spreadsheets fund cand raining the corporate offices. Why are the rookies always so right? Fill-in-the-blank is a symbol that a piece of text or typing gets matched with a function or variable filled in with a capitalize or a lower case. Motherducers need this data to derive how to create a numeric formula or formula of your data – but now they are reusing the data, which lowers cost. Want to know? Go to Microsoft Excel and type in their Function button in the top left corner of the screen. Then their function pathways are automatically filled in. Even saving data to Windows SmartMatch Encoders and using out of the box signatures can be used as a means of a data reduction practice.

Control your filing folder and storage. If you are not backing up your documents regularly means you are not protecting yourself and your assets in the event of your data being tornado struck. Don’t become a scale victim of business. Upgrading and creating a secure document management system will save you tens of thousands of dollars.

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