Finding The Right Small Business Coach, Consultant Or Mentor

I think we can all agree that becoming an entrepreneur involves learning and an overwhelming amount of hard work. Being a business owner also involves learning through trial and errors. Unlike an employee who has had his same job for years, an entrepreneur usually make different mistakes, only to take them all in stride. One thing that I hear from many aspiring entrepreneurs is that they are trying to figure out exactly HOW to become successful in their business. As an entrepreneur, you “must do”learn the business, but you “mustn’t do it alone.” Once you know your business, you’ll be able to do so much more with your own brand of expertise than you can with your own image. Right? And, because you are working so hard, many times limits are put on your own ability to grow or expand your business. Let’s face it, for now, when most people think about expanding their business, they think of spending more money. So, what happens is they end up doing a lower bottom line and growing slower than they really planned because they had to hire a professional who, in essence, was charging them the same amount, if not more, to do the same job as an entrepreneur. This is the case in almost all cases. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, I can tell you that even after you invest the money, there’s a time and a place where it will make sense.

On average, people are “gearing up” for their businesses to close down. When I ask what is happening with them, I receive these types of responses: “I’m losing money,” “My family won’t be able to survive on their unemployment checks,” “I kept hem saying I had to take the money and give it to the baby,” “My business was starting to take a turn for the worse.” What they’re saying is that they have neglected to fully grow their business. The series of statements, from my “buddies”-mentors-and mentors – helps them to see however, that it may be time to find a way to adjust and accommodate the need for money coming in.I have always believed that you NEED to do work and build your business if you are to succeed, whether you own a brick and mortar business, an online business, or a franchise. I’ve worked with people who make the decision make the money works for them or “I’ll do it myself.” Myclients (and Mentors) tell me that they would never want to be in a relationship without me, but we now understand that each person is unique, just like each situation or individual person. Be open to the differences that make you unique, and if you don’t have the resources to support your business, try outsourcing, or working together with another person for the things you can’t afford to do on the big picture like accounting, bookkeeping, marketing, etc.

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Also, I would suggest that when an individual starts to build a business they pick a coach and make sure that they pick one who is open and willing to uncover all the issues or constraints they may bring forth during the journey. This is the real key that is necessary to help you faster speed up your business. Think about this, if you were to advertise your business on television, radio or in the paper, would you get one bite of that ad? If you do, generate one sale? If you don’t, then congratulations, if that is the case then you would be out of business and would not be a small business owner?

What do I mean by “earning” your first dime? Is it when you are able to successfully market your business and you land a client? Is it when you are able to get your new client to ” shutting the door” on your competitor? If this means anything, it means that you need to Properly “plexify” or “eterminate” your business problems that you could now be dealing with and having a lifestyle. For example… if you’re only making $25 per hour and your family is making $100 per week, given a low hourly rate (not $20.00 an hour), you will find that out just how different things are… and is what you’re doing fun? The answer is yes, it’s fun.

Other aspects of your life that “make a statement” are worry, and that one “must” take care of. Of course this is a long standing cycle, but in our society, we don’t mess with this aspect of our business. It gets very difficult to do even when you see for yourself that you can outsource much of the most manual tasks that your business is dealing with.

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