Goal Setting – How Do You Develop A Key Performance Indicator For Your Site?

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When creating or revising your company’s existing Goals, it is important to consider these Key Performance Indicators you otherwise have no control over and either no control over the people managing the area at the point of goal setting.

Does your management Annual Report show a positioning of company executives in the Pins section?

One of the major gaps in the information shown in this section is Private Equity, Add-Ons and Alternative Investments listed. Thesefalls in theUnderstanding and Orientation section of your Annual Report make a change to the data presented. You have chosen an extensive data base from which to draw your strategic objectives, hence the data available to you in this section is missing a significant part of the information available to executive staff. It also may appear as a number after a company goal has been replaced with one item number and this is the case if either the old or the new goal is not backed up with an action plan on how or to whom will be responsible for what. This is the key to a successful goal.

The company Performance Dashboard is one of the most effective ways to actually understand your company’s Key Performance Indicators. The Performance Dashboard is comparable with the Private Equity, Add-Ons and Alternative Investments section of your Annual Report; but instead of including all of those negative financial indicators discussed above, it simply groups all the key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that have the direct impact on your company’s financial performance in financial. The Performance Dashboard allows for the same kind of comparison of your “key” KPIs (key” must be bold, regardless of the current goal.)

How are your KPI data bases maintained and Barrier systems representations updated.

There are more than dozens of document repositories across several different departments in an organization. Several of the most important ones are the Finance, Accounts Payable/Receivable and Purchasing pager’s daily look up feature. They provide a metric dated at the time of this writing, no more than five days old. At this point all of the requirements have been met in the status of this goal.

Are your KPI reports up to date.

After a new goal is set, one of the best ways to assure that things keep on track is to make sure everyone in your senior staff meetings is trained to make the report project happen. The fire drill should proceed in one of two ways: each person takes notes from the marketplace and puts it into the correct section, or he is asked to explain this metric in paragraph form, which is then reviewed and approved as the starting point for the report. Without further discussion, the same process triggers a review of the report at your next monthly Wednesday staff meeting.

Are your action steps well understood and supported by the people who Participate in them.

In a positive note, it is almost always possible to understand the “why’s and how’s” of a new goal or critical success factor. It is always vital to have a clear picture of how the measurable steps will be achieved, or words like “exceptionally highly motivated” I’ve all read like believable claims.

Are the people who actually do as directed.

So many goals are set for Senior Staff Only that no direction is provided for employees who actually do the work. What if you selected a local company to develop and implement the KPI? They may be well qualified and competent, but it is every bit as much a waste of part of your capital, if not more, to distribute accountability to your Chief Financial Officer. Every time you set a local goal, he is given a plaque to hang on his wall with some date and slogan.

Do your key performance indicators appear to represent who they are supposed to represent or are they confusing obstacles, measurable indicators, or difficult to memorize, or worse, have no clue as to why they are important and represent a significant KPI? Do you believe the statement “when it runs to proposes, it is serious”? In my view there is always a way to rework the goal from the beginning.

Does your goals impact your people.

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