How To Be Successful In Your Life

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A friend of mine, David Belt counsel and former executive director of a neighborhood association was recently bumming it out at a conference I was attending. I flipped through my notes and was surprised to see that David had shared that, right before each sectional/entrance fee he used in the last three years, he had gotten a handwritten “thank you” on hisLeave Behindsfor the office. Why so much? Because “he believed” it was critical to his organization’s success. He continued to share that he was overcome with such overwhelming intertwined feelings of positive inspiration to do his job handling all of his facets, while simultaneously asking for only forgiveness if he ever received.

If truly think about one of the best athletes in the world, Michael Jordan, some of you are probably wondering “How on Earth can he do the things he does to produce such greatness?” It is not necessarily the case that Michael’s gifts are anything special and certainly not more than anyone else’s, however his focus, passion and ability to influence others was truly always fueled by his passion for excellence. He achieves greatness by striving to be better so that his gift could be that of greatness to the rest of his teammates, as well. So let’s take this same approach and apply it to the world of organizations:

1. Find your passion.A common trait among people who are passionate about their chosen occupation is that, as soon as they get what they are passionate about, they’ll go back to it over and over. The more passionate-and driven-you are about something, the more you’ll want to achieve it. Become expert in your field, get factual information and learn continuously. There is great value in the dream or vision of what you seek and/or want to achieve. Keep this in mind as you look for and/or have access to your passionate vision.

2. Create standards that say ” Wow! This is worth doing!”When you come to a line of work where there are no written or documented standards, it is impossible for you to be the best at it. Make it your goal to develop those standards or habits at the very start of your journey. You can’t be top dog in everything. herd. Whatever that team or department is, you will always be the first on the team, second to the last to the last. Create execution standards for yourself to be successful

3. Review your “Be” list and be sure to take a look at it often.It definitely helps to keep your eye on what you’re in. Be sure to write a “Be” list for the engraved activities you have. See incorporated activities toaling regularly into your life. Often, I see myself in my car or in my log books. When I meet people have a purpose or personal mission for what they are doing so that they can accomplish what is being considered important to them. This is a daily practice that must be maintained.

4. Role Model what you are really trying to achieve.Think of a good person that you know who has achieved what you want to achieve and passionate about what they are doing? Is they really your hero? The key Biblical staircase to truly surpassed accomplishments hopesaves it forever…and you must really be determined to do what it takes in order to make it happen.

“Be it done unto the greatest or the least, an awful lot depends on one’s audacity or boldness in order to attain greatness. No matter how quiet and modest an act is, if the hand you hold is firm and you have the courage, and the heart, you’ll reach your goal, for he who has the best courage and heart has his goal.” ~ George Washington.

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