How To Get Things Done

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If you’re like most people, you probably hired professional help to help you with getting things done. But, if you’re the Noni, there are things you need to do yourself.

Check Yourself

Have you noticed that everything, even yourself, got worse the longer you worked in your business? Think back to the days when you were able to go easy for a week or two at a time. Many professional services firms have stopped doing this. They’re still being a little lazy in this area, but they shouldn’t want to.

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A lot of times when it comes to managing the tasks you have coming in the door, after you’ve worked through them, and come up with a better way, you have to do it yourself. I’ve found that it’s mentally harder to delegate a task when it’s something I take out of my hands. While it’s important to see how things are going (you can’t do this and then walk away from your desk flying fear at the mouth), the root cause of this is that you want to be able to do it. This is usually where you want to “hold their feet to the pumps” and do things right. If you can get yourself to do this, what you need to ask yourself is what you’re going to do the rest so you won’t have to.

The key to getting things going is only to hire out if there are problems (and there always will be problems). Set boundaries and stick to them. After you’ve put a few Surely, it’s still easier to do if you’re all alone and only you rely on the providers for the support.


Traditionally, a manager acts as a guide, helping a person get things done and keeping them from straying off track. If you’ve experience the old way in your business and feel like your management is limiting your ability to get your success, try this path instead and see what happens. The rules tend to remain the same for management because people tend to use the traditional, most familiar, approach, and not to think of new ways to accomplish things. In an effort to get things done, we tend to let people get away with it.

But what happens if we are all the same and tell them that if you want something done correctly, then you need to get it done: or why should anyone do things through you?

Instead of telling people how to get things done, it’s time to learn how to make things happen. To make things happen, you need to be able to step out thinking from the other side of the box. Start to step up your own creativity to discover the areas of your business that are not working. Learn what you need to learn to create your own solutions. Give them appropriate follow-up. You need to set them up. Don’t let someone do it for you. You have to be a leader, not a follower, and it’s completely up to you to make your own decisions. If you never did anything quite the way you wanted, then how could you teach anyone to do it anything different?

If you’re continually wondering how to take on more responsibility for your business, try these free energy management techniques for your own success.

It will only become a habit. Learn to relax and feel what you need to relax and feel the energy you need to gain more energy. Let them help you recognize what’s important and then give them your attention.

That’s the way to real success.

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