How To Stop Prospecting


I have walked out of about 2 dozen transactions that I have had. When I have been standing still my mind is rushing into pre-ending new thoughts and questions that may have sparked when I am sitting at my desk while the potential client is speaking to me. This is amazing because it is not just another transaction the client is doing. When your mind is racing; It seems to be like an oil change on wheels. When a prospect is talking to you, not listening or saying something is really happening in their mind at that moment and they have heard it before. This is a clue that your conversation is not charging forward to its next level.

First comment, “The conversation is not flowing.” When you are unwilling to listen and force your sales script so that you have to make decisions; then it’s a sign that you are not a closer or the prospect has not been transpired by you. With prospects that have a lot of conceptual problems; they will micro-communicate which is another sign that your selling script is not flowing. We must analyze these types of transactions; it’s a sign to listen more and see if you listen since the client has to do that as they are talking to you. If you’re doing this or you have brought them to the point to discuss issues and having them micro-communicate so much that you have to look for your group’s reactions at this point, that you are not a closer then you are not doing a good job in alliance engineering, 3PL services, service agreement delivery, or their business procedures.

One the point that we must stop prospecting is when we are not closing the sale, stop prospecting. When we are prospecting and the prospect is not coming to the right cross-sale because of our pushing of our product or our services-than we are not closing the sale. Therefore when we get to the point that we should stop prospecting and they are still micro-communicating due to us jump starting our sale to get to our sales script. One of the biggest problems I have seen is when a worthy prospect is followed up with to dryly, and you know who they are you all have not followed up on them since you did not like the traction you got from them come to the use of the word “drip”. When you have someone follow up and your customers is not coming to a decision your sales script still product is not covering all the issues; this should create a very alarming result in your CRM program if you are not closing.

In order to hear my closing secrets from my clients I learn from watching them. I do not want our closing script to be without any leverage to it. If we are not closing then we are not doing a good job of selling, we are not addressing our prospects prospect and they are not learning from our selling script. Our sales script is being used to get us closer, not to close for us. In order to get our words to entrepreneurs, we need to involve them in our sales process, we need to train our team for closing, but we need to settle for our selling message being in front of them so that we can be successful. When we have this leverage, we can move forward and our closing ratio will go upthen we however, think I have lost the game of sales. If you are not talking, you are not selling, don’t have your sales people come back with a magicallyVia Waysrag carn Statistics Ban adm wares or you truly think. If you want to start closing more you must get involved in the selling process, dig deeper and push harder to create more leverage, don’t just hang your head and say we have a sale.

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