Internet Marketing – What Keeps You From Succeeding?

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The problem with so many success stories online is that too many of them are skewed. They represent being in business for yourself, as opposed to what it takes to be successful with the Internet Marketing business you have chosen.

To help you understand this, I thought it would be helpful to compare the success stories of Fast Company and Entrepreneur Magazine. In many ways, being a business owner in Fast Company is a different animal than being one of those from the Entrepreneur Magazine’s Home Business Magazine.

Fast Company typically rates a company’s success based on one element… is that company generating a profit? In this case, being a Fast Company doesn’t give much nudges or encouragement if a company is actually losing money.

Entrepreneur Magazine, on the other hand, rates a company on how much it’s worth to them. If a company is showing a profit, it can generally be safe to assume that it’s worth more. Most “business opportunities” found in the Home Business Magazine are too risky and not worth very much, in the way of profitability.

So, how is it possible to succeed in Internet Marketing using a Home Based Business?

The answer is that it depends on the person who chooses to succeed. If the owner wants to succeed, entrepreneurs should be mindset approach-able, make sleep a priority and be able to take the initiative. Having said that, there are a lot of people who feel like they have to make up the rules.

If their passion or fear of failure hold them back – and that’s a very real fear – then they will burn out early and start to run out of steam. When most people are “stuck”, this is one of the main reasons they don’t flow….

Taking action, even if it feels uncomfortable at first, is what will put you over the top and make the difference between success and failure. I have seen people who don’t feel like small potatoes, and stop before they even start, burst through a sounding board or run over someone. That’s what most people get wrong…

Sure, some people will make it by thinking that it’s impossible to grow. I talk things over with ” admits”…” terrorizing” people. I don’t care what their hobby is – their special passion – some are better off than others because they aren’t very passionate about it!

If you do know that you will be one of those brave people who will make it – then don’t act like remain where you are. This is what I tell my kids all the time, “If you want something big, then don’t say you can’t do it. Just do it!” Something along those lines is really why the Internet is not for everyone.

My guess would be to divide criteria for success by motivation instead of action.

OK, I’ve kicked you in the teeth now for a few moments, but you can go home, look in the mirror, consider what you have been saying to yourself and noticing that you are trying to get money…

Yes, the Internet can be a game changer and generate massive financial returns for you.

It takes good action, entrepreneurs who can step across the dinner line and dive into their passion, and believe in themselves, and most of all some level of confidence.

Be sure to plan ahead for growth and things will be much easier once you do decide to get started. If it’s possible for most people, it is not possible for you. This is what most people are missing, and I hate to tell you, I know!

In conclusion:

I sincerely hope this information has been of some help to you, not just about starting an Internet Marketing business, but also about making this business work for you.

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