Pragmatic Decision-Making

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Solar is an influential force that has created a remarkable impact on the modern world – it is a new type of energy that allows you to convert the solar power into usable form. Solar power is used for lighting, feeding, and desalination. These technologies are inexpensive and the industry is growing by leaps and bounds.

Energy has become a very important issue to any economy. This development has changed entirely the way we think about energy.

The question is why? People are becoming more concerned about the environment. More people are creating awareness about what’s happening to the world and they are trying to avoid doing devastation by supporting and contributing, and cutting back, to the environment. We are using less energy today and the demand is going higher.

Decisions are being made each and every day. People are changing the way they look at the world and it is a brilliant example of what brains are actually capable of if you are interested in the series of choices that are facing planet Earth today.

However a series of bad decisions are happening and we are losing these bad decisions. These bad decisions are driving the global economy toward a recession, and it is time that we view the bad decisions as contributing to the recession. But is this really true?

Decision making is not a problem for all of us. The fact is, that bad decisions are literally directly affecting our lives every single day – and the world as a whole. However, the average mind can only focus on 10% of information there is.

Maybe that’s why the other 98% of the population lives paycheck by paycheck. These bad decisions are affecting our personal lives in more ways than coworkers that are suffering from a severe recession.

We are living in a different world. These bad decisions must be dealt with – in one single thought. Some people are very good at rationally and rationally weighing the options and come out on top. However, we are not guaranteed some lucky breaks to decide what to do – often these very bad decisions are just happening out there and other people are watching what’s happening to us.

There is hope, there is a solution. While doing our research and learning about the trends, we need to look behind the curtain and take a look at the brains of the people who are making our decisions – and then, we need to figure out how to get back to the root of where our minds are allowing us to receive conflicting information.

One of the biggest misconceptions about the brain is that it can fight bad and then forget about it. The human brain is not designed to forget.

There is a science psychological field called Cognitive Neuroscience that has explored the psychological mechanisms of how we are able to make these mistakes – and there is a better way to solve each and every challenge.

Some people feel a strong need to triumph over it – all of the bad decisions they’ve made – the bad things they were forced to do because of the recession. But conscious and intelligent action must be taken to stay focused on the step that is right in front of us.

Our brains are not designed for learning and independence. It is very easy for reactive decisions to cause us to feelings of anger or frustration. And this is only one small part of what the brain does during a day – but it’s part of the decision making process that we do every single day. The studies from neuroEE theory put it like this:

–  Either a person is in control of their brain or they are at control of their brain.

–  In other words you were given a situation, and a brain, or you were given a brain in the other hand.

–  You only have complete control over your brain if you are completely aware of what you’re doing.

You only have complete control over your brain if you are physicallySurvivating Them stereotypes induced in your mind that you are going to do it alone.

You have complete control over your brain if you keep learning new and better ways to learn and evaluate situations, and you are able to sift this free flowing information in a systematic order to support your decisions.

Whether you like it or not, you have control over your brain. In fact, as you become more educated in your model, you can firstly work to gain control over your brain. In other words you need to fully understand what you are doing and if you are doing it right. Keep gathering the intelligence (a.k.a. intelligence to support a decision) and information. Alternatively, understand – learn – strategize-  then fully execute.

Much of this is a proactive change that people are not necessarily aware of. Frankly, there is a value in the new models  of sensors, information and energy that this new brain has created for modern business. However, we are not against putting these new models into play.

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