Sales Training – Targeted Prospecting Is King Of Any Effective Sales Calls!

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Dead Scape Marketing – extending your potential customer base through targeted prospecting is one of the most efficient ways to bring new business in to your business.

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Referral Marketing

Let’s face it, not everyone is a potential customer for you. Some people are more for you than anything else, but we can sell to anyone. There are two kinds of people we need to focus on in sales.

First is a potential purchaser, the owner of a business and exists for the owner’s benefit. Average Joe’s who have no desire to build a business and fight hard for your help. It’s a much easier sell to a business owner in need of help.

Then there is the second type of people, those who are actively looking for your product or service on the Internet, in Direct Sales, and someone who has never heard of you! These are called lead or prospects and must be lead in your marketing plan. They will be your potential buyers, not your direct customers. This type of people are called referral or referrers.

Regardless, of what you sell, there are a million affiliate companies in this still life and make every one rich. They give unbelievable commissions on every sale made by their affiliates. It’s like winning the lottery and the best part is you don’t have to work hard, the leads you collect come to you.

If you are not growing your business with good leads at every step that it takes to close your door, you are losing countless sales and build massive business debt. Using this 2-Step Process (referral and/or prospecting), you do the one-two punch to grow your sales through targeted prospecting.

First, identify your best customer. Then identify a person in your customer’s sphere of influence. Meaning, someone your customer knows and interacts with and cares about.

It’s not everyone who sells. It’s the people close to your customer. Even though we are in Internet media, it is still a person who wants or needs your product and is seeking for it. They need to be found, qualifying prospects is their first step and lead qualification is your second step. So keep your focus focused on those who make your customer happy and not making your customers unhappy and your profit will grow through your sales.

People who carefully sell to their prospect’s needs or wants – who go beyond product and service information and they are a true friend.

People who have expressed an interest in knowing more about your products and services – who ask the right questions and have shown some final interest.

People who have a found buying need and a willingness to spend money and or money to acquire that need.

People who are experts in their field or have a friend who is an expert. If you have chosen well, they will be of value to you as a referral help. People who are experts in their field, others in their field, or from a niche that is a natural fit for what you sell. The knowledge and skills your prospect has.

Asking the right questions and qualifying your leads (this means asking questions – not selling to get a sale), will improve your sales through targeted prospecting. It will have a direct influence as to how much you sell your product.

Use these two great tools to not only grow your business but also find more clients for yourself and YOUR clients.

Remember, Sales is a Process!

You still need good sales tools, including targeted prospecting – if you want to S.O.A.R.E! to sell your business to more customers.

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