Smart Women, Your Plan Of Attack

When we were thinking about this challenge (what women really want, what you really want), we couldn’t figure out how to accomplish it right. As we’ve learned, you already know what you want, but when you spend old enough time, you just want to find a way to stay on top of your career, your family, and your life. You just want more. It was easier. If you’re a business owner or executive, it’s just your sales team working hard at growing the business. If you’re a stay-at-home mom, it’s your husband followed by plenty of naps and time with them, plus you want to wear your pajamas to work (!)

If you want to be successful at things in this world, you must pose a plan of attack to things or you will get overwhelmed and give up before you ever get started. There is certainly value in having a plan. Many grow up with some pretty specific jobs and careers, and some people plan things based on children, or their personal dreams and desires.

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While I don’t recommend blowing up your whole life right before you decide on a new career and/or a new lifestyle, I do think you want to make sure you have a great plan of attack for each of your key areas, and all of them will have different “joocked” areas for you to try a new career, a new profession, a new walk, or new hobby.

This article will address our three key areas of where to begin. Any kind of change, especially if multi-faceted orDone over several years is,I believe, a little more difficult to handle.

First,if you are unhappy with what you’re doing in one area, think about your plan of attack for that area. What kind of training did you do for that area? Did you continue in your field/profession? Did you try doing a different kind of work? What kinds of other things could you try or do, to help you stay on top of your game or career? Show me how you can take some of these things that works and apply it to another area.

Even if you have a large degree of change, especially if it’swomenchange, your plan of stand is the same. That means you should write down your “all” or your “go to” plan of attack-without competing or debating with yourself. What is your “all”, what is your plan of attack for the areas you’ve identified as your most problematic?

Now, the second step is to determine your “go to” short-list, or your three “go to” plans of action for each area or job. I think some examples would be: Do I want a new career now? Do I plan to fail financially in this career or in this relationship? Do I want to fire my husband in one area of my life, or do I want my life-work balance and closer ties with him now?

If you are happy with your situation and don’t have to go down any of those paths, now is the time to formulate your plan of attack and begin to build your plan of attack.

Now, when you’re heading up into the process, it really helps to make some lists of your important areas or jobs for this period of time. Don’t feel you need to take them in order, just make them on the basis that you want to get the entire weight of your homework off your shoulders.

I’ve found that once you have your list and are working through each one, you find that you’re more empowered, you get more pieces of it done, and it too will begin to feel easier and easier to do. It will feel just right for you to carry on with the process.

Here’s what I want you to avoid when creating your plan of attack. Someone who says, “You’ve been really hard on yourself isn’t the problem, not at all” or “you need to get out of your own way” will put you in their position. So what do you need to do? STOP. Instead, map out the areas of the work that need to get done by the end of the month. How will you get each job completed? Map it out so you don’t fall into the trap of being overwhelmed by what needs to be done.

I know we all end up in overwhelm at some point, and in situations like these it’s tempting to stop and say “all is a piece of cake, I’ll let the cake worry about doing me a favor”, or “the project is just out of theprogram: coders for one month, software for another month, engineers for the next six months.” No. It’s the worst thing you can do. You decide that last assignment is a problem. No one will accept it and you have no context for this.

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