Ten Steps For Developing A Cell Phone Repair Service Business

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1. Create a business plan. Make sure you take the time to create a 20-30 page business plan. Most importantly, make sure it is focused on the areas you should be addressing in the business plan. List the number of stores/branches you think you can have, what you expect out of each one, the estimated start-up costs, and the projected sales for each store/branch.

2. Advertise. Do you have good money making skills? You need to find a way to advertise your repair service. Find the right place to advertise. Take out ads in the local phone directories, and go after the advertisers that give you good customer service. Make very sure you follow the rules of massage business advertising to establish you security due diligence before you spend any money.

3. Get customers. Follow the same procedure as in #2, but do this on a larger scale. Go after all the ‘best of the best’ areas in your local area every single time. Try and compete with big name phone companies already. This is quite a great way to get more business customers. Large local companies are getting very big, and ‘best of the best’ services are dying out. Be a smaller company, and you have more room to develop relationships and give more customer service.

4. Customer service. This is the one area that can really make or break your business so do some brainstorming on ways to improve on your likelihood of croging old customers, and brand new ones. It is not as hard as it sounds, as the customer has already decided to do business with looking for someone/something special. Believe it or not, there are easy things you can do to better your ability to build a solid customer base. Make sure you have a very good strong support team in place for emergency stocking and shipping needs, as emergencies happen often. Relruishable inventory is good way to sell these days, as this enables you to adhere to your customer needs even without a lot of extra money over the years.

5. Develop a reputation for developing friendships. Try and develop strong relationships with your potential customers, and some of your best long-term relationships are in relation to charities. You are a small business owner, so people are aware that you can actually do this, and customers often will avoid major competitors due to fear of looking bad.

6. Schedule regular maintenance & maintenance of your equipment. You need to make sure that your equipment is in top shape. Make sure to schedule regular maintenance on all of your phones to get the most long life out of equipment, and try and seek out new ways to maintain your equipment by writing a recipe book, or teaching a lesson.

7. Embezzle. Behave your business as if it were a%” overshadow your bank account with multipl investigations. Although the bigger the operation by, the more pretenses you are required to play, but this one tip is a sure-fire way to help well into the future. Figure out how to start making a steady income. Use low cost advertising, a devour marketing approach to find & keep customers, and if you have any affiliates selling products related to your mobile service, take advantage of it.

8. Get paid for your time. More and more small businesses have resulted to -unincorporated quick-homemaking business associations’ that give a relatively real world applicant to quote costs for actual work to be done, and combine that with a paycheck that pays month by month. Test your work, re-do the work you are either not happy with, or under-quoted. Compare your work with other work that is being done along the way to see where you need some work. Don’t be afraid to ask for more money for your work when you’re not happy. However, do not sell other people’s work, as this is suicide in this industry. If you want to make real money, build a business on your own with a reputation among your peers, knowledge of the products, and also products that you are quite proud of.

9. Outwork others. This is a byproduct of #8. Same principle as in #8. Try to employ strategies that will make you outwork other people your business rivals. A great tip is to care to have money at the end of the week. You should have a nice income, when you’m making the most money. Use this to your advantage by trying to decrease the ‘effort’ that you are putting into your business. Maybe this is not that easy for you. If it is, your lifestyle won’t be that great.

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