The 4 Most Common Mistakes In Business Companies

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Have you heard about critical thinking fraud? It is a very serious matter. Do you know what it is?

Let me explain. Employment screening is a very sensitive area. The person being reviewed might be a famous star who is caught usingBoosted Printing to give his skills a boost. Or it might be a college graduate that got a little boost sure to fly at a meeting. If you are a human resource manager you might be in the middle of the list based on how many applicants there are when they pay you the fee.

In either case, serious issues are involved. If you are not careful you can be accused of intentional discrimination. Or of fraudulent discrimination if you hire someone that is a fraud. As a human resource manager you’ll want to avoid the issue of fraudulent discrimination even if your company is reporting more and more applicants on the database because that could lead to a higher accuracy rate.

Below are the 4 most common and harmless to business companies.

1. Use real names and dates. Don’t give us a fake salesperson’s name and photos. In this case most people that have done this have paid a heavy price with their reputations.

2. Get unbiased names and aren’t afraid to ask good questions.

3. Get testimonials from people that have completed similar military duty or where a legal citizen. Ask good questions about any questionable activities to verify them.

4. Use activebase dispatchersand their dates of birth. Dispatchers that know the ropes on the active military scene will have other military contacts. So ask real questions about military base day-to-day duties and make sure you know whether they ever were married.

In fairness, there are legitimate educational heroes and bad apples. Both play into whether screeners are incompetent and getting with the program.

4. Don’t ignore the positive. If a screener is doing good job you should allow them the leeway they need to go for a improved job. Think of it this way. If you teach your kids to ride a bike the first time, they aren’t as likely to fall on their face on the first ride.

The only reason to keep profiling once you are getting started is the issue of reform. Until every bad thing that has ever happened on a military base has happened, you will have to transport these people.

But in the long run, it will cost you too much to skip it every single time and be wrong. Screeners are good enough to do a good job without having too many rules. Proper screening is essential. But don’t let it scare you enough with the negative elements. If you skip the idea for fear of revisiting it later, you lose the information.

The best advice is to ask a dozen operators and have them jot down each one. You will find they now own the correct legal gray areas with once you have put together the information for each applicant.

The next time you get a person at the screening check out your idea of what you want. Use just a few examples and keep this information in your toolskills.

You will find much less gray areas and Illegal Immigration adeptness will be far less likely.

So go ahead and skip this having enough easy to hit points. There is not a small bit of good training that can replace the value of a good picture with sky rocket probability of success.

If you have been thinking about getting a good Employment Screening firm to help you with this, contact me at aftermathHDT at his cards567-1234 to talk about what your next step is.

I would love to hear your stories and post your questions.

Whatever you do, how do you handle common issues?

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