The Foundation Business Building

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In this article I will explain the Foundation business building exercises used by top sales people.

Top sales people all have huge success rates when building rapport with their prospects and when it comes to getting their potential client to “just do it”. These are the monthly sales calls and the earlier they make headway in establishing rapport, the more money they make.

Regardless of whether you are an Account Executive, Sales Manager or $150,000 with CEO, this could be the solid foundation to your success. Here are 3 Handy “Top Salesspoken” exercises.

Exercise 1: Phone Interviews- a seasoned top sales account executive or a sales manager asks the prospect for a phone interview. You will want to ask them an open ended, intelligent question to elicit one of three responses.

Exercise 2: Frequency fraudulent recordings- a seasoned top sales account executive or a sales manager asks prospects for a “Frequent flyer driven phone call”. The prospect will be very surprised if the call is from someone that will understand their business.

Exercise 3: Stories- a seasoned top sales account executive or a sales manager asks the prospect for a story. Stories appeal to the human inner child, can prevail over logic, and are chiefly timesaving and efficient tools.

Exercise 4: Listen Skill/Lesson #1- a seasoned top sales professional will ask his or her prospect for a few minutes of free time to speak about their pet subjects. These topics come from the most uncomfortable areas of the prospect’s life. The best way is to ask questions about their child, spouse or significant other. What is one non – work related conversation theyTArelyspoke of during the last 5 years? What are 3 or 4 experiences they have written down where they “felt no like was work”?

This exercise will give you solid raw material to build on and to facilitate your opening questions of the next day, week and next newer month carrying relationship.

Exercise 5: Sales scripts- you would say this would be a no brainer, but it is surprising how many seasoned sales people do not use scripts. It is one of the fastest and easiest tools for sales success. A proven script I like is: “So, _________ you know what we have talked about often in other conversations, _________ you don’t know me Properly, but, I can bosses forward your email (fax) and I’d contact you if I needed to make a few modifications to this presentation?”

You would restate the key decision makers’ names, you would ask them to make a quick decision, and ” reinforces” the action steps.

Exercise 6: Summary/Call to Action – an experienced top sales or account manager will say this goes in the form of a question, “arial.”

“_________, this call wound indicate that you know much more than I do about this company, its product, its potential clients, and its head quarters. Let me ask you 4 quick questions to determine if we should proceed.

1. What would you be the one who pays for this project?2. What is your timeline?3. What specific needs will you need me to attend to before you can move forward?”

You can give them the benefit of the doubt and complete the presentation later if needed. If not, you have the potential prospect saying,” I’m not sure,but I can pay for it.” That is powerful stuff.

This drill will kiss off the need to make a decision right then on the spot. You will also avoid wasting your time hearing a lot of noise and interrogative questioning. That is not good.

People appreciate sales people who are reliable, and this tactic is based in honesty.

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