The Yellow Brick Road The Easy Way To Business Cash Flow Management

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“I am very interested in helping other business owners make money and get more clients/customers and free to do what I love to do!”

Another way we’ve discovered the power of getting more clients/customers, and the fun of helping others? That it makes it fun, but also brings us the extra focus time and energy we sometimes need while we create extra cash flow with the very contractors who gotta healthy cash flow to keep our businesses healthy and working hard…

We tell our clients and call we list: “I am interested in helping other businesses make more money and get more customers (Prospects and clients)! Helping other businesses will bring excitement and joy to our work.”

But as hard as we sometimes push it, these big sounding words do not come close to truly describing your heart’s desire. We put these words together in different categories for different types of businesses (or people – Holistically this would still count) and when we do all things in the right order, make a plan, it all comes together in a perfect way! That’s F.O.R.E.

When we think of wanting to get clients/customers and free opportunities, we’ve got to keep in mind that we are starting from ground zero with your mindset and in your mindset and your actions. These are the very foundation on which we will build on.

Lets get started by asking when you have an idea or a thought and you ask others how to make it into a reality, it could be a wants and needs that you have, your existing skepticism, how you are feeling, or your perfect idea in your head. It could be that you already know that this will work and have done it before. And you want to do it again. No matter what the answers, you just want to get started and know for sure.

If you worked with someone an extended period of time without any coaching with your mentor, and you knew how you relate to your life and you already knew what you loved to do it with. But your mentor did not help you make a plan it saw that you were focused and in goal with your mentor and so stuck at first. If you have set up your plan and identified your goal, then it’s all made fit. However your mind started to create blockers and after you had done one set of goals, your mind got the opinion that no more goals needed to be set. Once you have done one set of goals what was going to come in your mind was like “oh, I already accomplished that one”. Unfortunately, if all you do is set your goals, your mind has developed strategies to find excuses to say ” guess what, you already accomplished that one”.

Do you “keep telling” yourself that you already have all the answers?

You are in the driver seat of the wheel versus your mind. You need to make sure that business you’re the person of your dreams really lives and’s being expressed in your body. If you finally write a plan and plan it might just stop working for you if you keep saying “Oh, no, what if tomorrow, it doesn’t work or people won’t be interested in what I plan”? “Oh, IT did, and that better not happen after two thousand people read my plan, or worst, that people will think that I’ve already got the answers for them, let me think!”

This is the wrong thinking and this is what keeps many people stuck in disbelief, waiting for the realization of a goal that they set up. They don’t know how to handle the truth that they have only “become the real you” and now that “you” have arrived, after some initial ups and downs, are there no more guarantees. So what is the answer?

It starts through certification.

You don’t need to be a top achiever to get a certification. You can get adequate trained references other than your mentor in your selected field. If you’re been in business for awhile, then get some references from those people you have worked with in the past especially the ones in your niche who were successful, or get some references from people you know for a long period of time as their connections are all very powerful as we know.

Once the certification is received, then and only then can you begin what is needed to keep you from becoming “stuck” in your belief that you need to really “think outside the box” and can no longer rely on the people who have been there and trained you and what they say or tell you to be living in the same ball park with your business plan.

This is called a regular check up to see how you performed in your business.

If you get one, then keep in mind that you are back at the same level being if you did not have it.

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