Think Outside Of The Box

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“Whether you think you can do a thing or not- History shows that 99.8% of the time, you’re right.” -Termites and Industrial Fibers

If it weren’t for many, many people having Jobs in Industrialising societies that would make them a very wealthy person, we wouldn’t have any Pizza factories, Windmills or Diamond mines, or we wouldn’t have all the gold we can mining or the infrastructure in places like Dubai and Mumbai.

Of course some jobs are simply lucky — lucky enough to be in a place and at a time when there’s a demand. It’s a fairly rare occurrence indeed. Although I’ve always said it is my business, and I’ve done it for years, to give advice to people that, if they choose to take it, could set them on a course to grand success.

What I’ve found in my work for many years as a consultant, speaking for a group, is that those that have the thinker caps and the natural curiosity are normally the ones that achieve success. They tend to get on with logical things and find opportunities where others have failed.

I was talking to a friend some time back who was showing me a series of pictures painted over the ages by a gentleman called Job Finley. Job Finley was one of several artists to paint original views of the earth from above, here’s a few of his paintings and figures that I loved, a couple of them not of the obvious kind, but of the crathly- brutally cold, tinted, skin- harshlycorrificing, chicken-alties-on-feet kind of them. Phew!

The lesson, for me, was simple — I thought I knew a lot about every aspect of business, something that included what kind of business I should go into, which ideas I should try before making a rash decision to work for even one other person.

As I reflect upon that time, it would now appear that I have learned quite a bit about life. Sometimes you don’t. That’s a given. I’ve been talking for years about developing the business of thinking and making great, money-creating decisions that the oldices, the stuff of last century, are rather brutal in nature.

There are many parts of life to consider when thinking, and they have to be considered in order of importance and severity. As long as I’m going through thought-spinning rocks, pinching my fingers and still thinking about it while driving along the highway this week, it’s a good road map for my future. When I came across a med student, a lady with very long brown hair, who was doing some work around theProf mysteries,he got 98% of the works published and decided to quit his job to focus on his own work, there are many mistakes I want to make and many views I want to mull over while hunting, if I’d done any thinking about them at all.

Hesitation is also known as fear. An ever-lovely pitfall, but therein lies the opportunity if you can learn to find certain ways to deal with it. There aren’t a lot of really creative breakthroughs, but I think they come as a result of being patient and not allowing anything stop you. Those people come later. I made a few while in life, and now that I’m in the early stage of my business, I can learn a lot from others who’ve done so. I came across a great quote the other day by a great writer, Seth Godin, and it said… “Ideas are always the right temperature. If you’re too hot, they’ll fry; if you’re too cold, they’ll freeze; if you’re too hungry, you’ll starve.” – enables me to constantly adjust by adapting to the pressure of unpredictability, which we all must of course.

In confidence, I’ve worked my heart out to be of any value in relation to this business venture, to extend and bring the platform and tools to help people better than anyone else, to a point where when people ask me what I do, I say –

“I help businesses get to the next stage and to access the right information.” – and you know what, it feels good, it’s an acknowledgement that I am playing a part in such a big operation.

So, as we embark on the journey to achieveustain initiatives, what do you want “to get” from being here, what it is that you want to get, from living here? I must be right – I wonder if I’m thinking outside of the box – do I have any idea what I lack?

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