Trade Show Displays

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Making a profit from attending many trade shows may seem like a great opportunity. Yet the tricky thing about attending trade shows and working the exhibit circuit is that many people may have a basic understanding of what to do but more importantly they may be thinking about what they want to do even before the trade show is held. In other words, the smart event promoters will certainly encourage attendees to spend a few months before the trade show planning their goals and objectives for the show.

The problem many people have with the pre-show planning process is that they want information to come from their head rather than from their heart. This leads to typical melt down moments of self-doubt, worry and anxiety. The wonderful thing about the trade show planning process is that there may actually be so much information to consider.

At a recent trade show the new exhibitors were introducing their wares to the trade show crowd confident they had one of the greatest trade show displays of the season. They would impress with their graphic quality as the trade show display company noted they had some incredible, intricate pieces of technology yet the booth was covered in bright colors. Theiphany for me was that the users of the booth would stick with what it was by not staying with the flashy technology.

You see the trade show exhibit is not really what you need to sell at all. Yet many start out by believing it is really what they want to sell. That is a self defeating attitude. People buy from people who have what they want and need. Make your booth and your selling an extension of your personality and selling ability. That way you will attract the largest audience that will buy what you are offering.

About a week before the trade show, contact the trade show exhibit firm to have a quote of booth size and show details to cancel. If you want to buy trade show displays you need to enter a design process also called a trade show show. When you get to the trade show you should be ready to hire outside graphic designers who are experts in trade show displays and other trade show selling tools.

Make sure you have a professional consultant working to give you the information that you need to make sense of your life before, during , and after the trade show. But most importantly make sure you are ready to start selling and then promote your booth before an event because you probably don’t want to spend months of time trying a booth before it finally becomes a winner, or rather it becomes what you eventually sell.

So often the most menial task is finding the information before actually doing it. This is huge. Even a furniture company can become a multi-level, bottom line organization once they have all the data in place and working together. You must have a total information package in your head before you can make a profit. So prepare properly and free up your brain from the hype of a trade show to create a winning plan.

thereafter you will get ready for later stages of planning the exhibit plan, before the sale is completed at the show, what workshops, seminars and meetings you will have after the trade show, and the toughest part all of this is hiring the right trade show exhibit designers and manufacturing.

Working the trade show trade is a great way to find out what your competition is providing and not getting. You can also make friends with people that like to act as detective, you can learn and see many things that you would not otherwise find.

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