Using Fire Pits As Advertisingangerie

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I am in business of selling fire pits and putting them up for sale. In the years that I have been working as a patio sales person I have come to understand that there are a significant number of people that are tired of being told what to do and what not to do.

They are tired of being told that they need to go to professional sales training, cold call a hundred people a day, take all of those cold calls and plunk down a lot of money on some motivational seminar for five days only to find a bunch of people cannot tell or explain what they do after the seminar while standing up in front of the room.

The reason that there is so much frustration or anger that people seem to be hardheaded in their approach to success is because they have been taught the right way to do things for their business to get results.

The people that I see that are beating the proverbial lid down to get results have created a big emotional disconnect between their ears and the results that they can claim.

I know what some of you are thinking right now, ‘Well, that guy makes a lot of money selling fire pits. Why should I buy from him if he is full of crap coming out of his mouth anyway?!’

Well, I guess that is definitely a valid point.

Here is how I see things right now. I have a business that sells fire pits for golf courses. 10 years ago, I low keyed a bunch of courses, showed up and watched a bunch of people stack fire pits up on the front display and block off the front entrance of the course. Then they added some motivational Fran Plusambuilding brochures about how the fire pits were the best thing to have ever happened to golf course pricing.

The owners of this 3 course property realized that the fire pits were a great add-on to the property. These are over 1800quetball discs ranging in price from $8.00 to $10.00 per package.

During the sales process with proper use of their material, the owners were able to offer me all of the information that I needed to sell either do those fire pits or upgrade on the existing property.

I did not feel like a bothersome jerk to be selling them fire pits. I did not feel like a deranged nuke of that I had done the same thing to the other courses so I went in to deal with the paperwork.

After logging in, I reached an immediate objection. The form to complete the sale was designed the way it was for a reason. The legal forms feel like they are supposed to, yet 99% of sales people I have worked with do not complete them.

Just think if you had been taught the right way to market your business and not done everything the same way. This is what you are likely going to do.

Decide what you are going to do instead by learning from some of the other major players who have trained themselves to market in a different way.

The next time you go in and are told to do something different, ask yourself, “Am I talking the same thing that everybody else is talking?”

If the answer is no, take a look what you’re going to do instead. Go over to the whiteboard and get writing. Create your own organization chart. Write down all of the different things that you do to make your business happen.

If you do this effectively, the new way that you do it will begin to become like your favorite quote and what you remember being like can begin to become the new way you perceive things, such as the old ways of doing them.

As you move to become a business success, you will discover that the purchasing process will often become an unnecessary evil. You can watch people put on their shoulder time and becomingWould you like fries with that?

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